Most clients have ineffective relationships with their lawyers.
We're here to change that.

Donaldson Law isn't your average law firm. In fact, it's our goal to improve the practice of law by disrupting conventions in the industry, and in doing so, providing clients with the best legal representation available.

When you hire us as your law firm, you're hiring skilled legal technicians with your best interests in mind.

Five ways we serve you better.

  1. Using project-based and flat-rate billing when possible to build comfortable and effective attorney-client relationships. (Wouldn't it be nice to call your lawyer and chat without the fear of a ticking clock?)
  2. Striving for excellence in our work product where other firms settle for "good enough."
  3. Operating as a firm built on a cornerstone of preparation,
    creativity, and efficiency.
  4. Standing firmly with our clients as their advocate and guiding them to the best possible legal outcome.
  5. Staying aware that we are a business, and emphasizing the importance of great customer service.

Our clients are our biggest fans.

We had no idea that our company, Morris Williams Realty, would grow to hundreds of millions in sales in our first three years. Donaldson Law has been an extremely valuable asset and instrumental in keeping our corporate growth on track. Jordan is a wealth of information in corporate law and business savvy. I highly recommend his services to any entrepreneur.
— Steven Morris

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